COMCON® ZDV, 160 x 195, thcinkess 30 mm

Characteristics and use:

COMCON® ZDV are interlocking sidewalk tiles with a special tactile surface (knobs) for the vision impaired, intended for outdoor signal, warning and tactile strips. They must not be used for any other purpose on publicly accessible surfaces and roads.


  • high compressive strengthzdv

  • high tensile strength and tensile bending strength

  • high impact strength

  • high abrasion resistance

  • permanent resistance to freezing and thawing

  • permanent resistance to road salt and other de-icing products

  • permanent resistance to acid rain

  • permanent resistance to petroleum products

  • custom permanent colour

  • completely impermeable with negligible absorption

  • simple installation

  • long life

  • extremely weather- resistant, including UV radiation

  • antiskid even in poor weather


The surface of COMCON® ZDV tiles has regularly spaced knobs in the shape of truncated cones 4.5 mm high, spaced 50 mm apart; this makes them uniquely identifiable by a blind pedestrian using a white cane. The surface protrusions correspond to the requirements of technical guideline TN TZÚS 12.03.04. To achieve functional tactile contract required by Decree No. 369/2001 Coll., COMCON® CDR tiles at least 250 mm in width should be used. These tiles are can be produced in any colour, and are normally produced in white, black, dark grey and brown. Colours are achieved through the colour of the filler and binder used, and/or the use of permanent colours, mainly inorganic. Standard pigmentation ensures colour permanence even outdoors, and does not require any special maintenance.

COMCON® ZDV tiles are installed using dry lime or cement-lime mortar 3 to 5 cm deep, spread on a well-compacted substrate. These tiles are intended for foot traffic. A project engineer shall assess installation suitability for other load levels and applications.

Technical properties:

Compressive strength > 80.0 MPa

Tensile bending strength > 18.0 MPa

Tensile strength > 12.0 MPa

Modulus of elasticity 15,000 MPa

Specific gravity 2200 – 2240 kg/m3

Abrasion resistance (Böhm) cm2 / cm2 < 0.15

Freezing resistance coefficient T150 0.99 – 1.00

Road salt resistance unlimited

Weather resistance unlimited

Coefficient of thermal expansion 6.16 x 10-5 /°C

Absorption < 0.05 %

Friction coefficient (pendulum test) 0.20 – 0.22


There are no special storage conditions, both interior and exterior storage is possible.

Certification. Quality

The manufacture proceeds in the conditions defined by ČSN EN ISO 9001:2009.

Guarantee and Service Life:

The guarantee for the COMCON® DV If correctly placed, their assumed service life is 5 let.

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