About us


The company COMING has been on the market since 1989.

The main activity is its own experimental and practical research, development, production, mass production and application of top materials, advanced technologies and new systems oriented on industry and construction.

We have more than thirty years of experience in research and development and we pay our attention especially to composite materials, nano-technologies and their application. Even the name of our company reflects the research and development: COMposites – INGeneering.

Currently our production consists of four main lines of products:

* Synthetic flooring COMFLOOR, that represents a complex solution in the field of resin type of surface treatment

* Polymer concrete elements COMCON – engineering stone – construction elements with unique features based on combination of cement concrete and natural resins

* Containers COMCON ® LLW/ILW produced of specifically designed composite materials with unique features, used especially for storage of low and middle active nuclear wastes (RAO).

* Unique measurement instruments and measurement central desks COMTEST for construction, geotechnics, control of building insulation quality, production control and implementation of surface treatment in construction and industry.

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