Measurement instruments COMTEST


These measurement instruments are used for testing in construction business and in geotechnics.

Tear off instruments COMTEST®OP are designed for easy and user friendly adhesive and lift tests.

The production line COMTEST® offers instruments in many models. Starting with simple models (COMTEST® OP1) usable in terrain, up to instruments fulfilling the highest requirements (COMTEST® OP4) for tests in laboratory conditions.


Each instrument is calibrated and certifiedcomtest2

at the State Metrological Institute and thus the test results can be used for official needs. The instruments are supplied with a variety of accessories for different purposes.

The instruments measure axial tensile strength (multilayer systems) as well as cohesive tensile strength (the strength of the material itself). The materials that can be measured are concrete, mortar, coatings and lacquers, hydro insulations, flooring self-leveling compound, glues, plastic coatings, cement coatings, asphalt coatings, powder color surfaces, metal coatings, painted or under heat sprayed coatings, heat insulations.

The instruments can be used to control the strength of component connections by metal or plastic anchors: connection of tiling components with the construction, connection of heat insulation elements to the construction (ETICS), notching anchors (ETAG 001), strutting anchors (ETAG 001), the anchors activated by the torque (ETAG 001), plastic anchors ETICS (ETAG 014) and many other applications.

Worldwide unique testing instrument Tensograf TGF 02

Tensograf TGF 02 is a unique instrument designed for measurement of rheologic features of materials i.e. the relation between tension and deformation. It is also suitable for measurement  of rheologic features of coating materials (cement  grouting materials) from the pouring of fresh material to its ripe stage. The instrument also enables to detect cracks in accordance with standard ČSN EN 1062-7.


Extent and resolution of measured quantity:

Measured quantity Extent Effective resolution
Postiton ± 10,000 mm 0,0001 mm
Deformation ± 41,667 ‰ 0,001 ‰
Pull – pressure ± 10.000 kN 0,1 N
Temperature -20°C – +85°C 0,1°C



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