Comcon M01

COMCON M01 are L-shaped polymer concrete bridge kerbstones intended for permanent bordering of the elevated or marginal parts of the bridge deck.


  • high compressive strength comcon_mo

  • high tensile strength and tensile strength in flexure

  • high impact strength

  • high abrasion resistance

  • permanent resistance to freezing and thawing

  • permanent resistance to de-icing salts and other de-icing agents

  • permanent resistance to acid rains

  • permanent resistance to petroleum products

  • any fast colour

  • absolute impermeability and negligible absorptive

  • easy installation

  • long service life comparable with the service life of the bridge

  • extreme resistance to climatic factors incl. UV radiaton


  • permanent bordering of bridge deck carriageway and its separation from the verge or the median, in some special cases also the modification of the deck cross section

  • permanent bordering of the outer edge of the bridge deck

The COMCON M01 bridge kerbstone, principal dimensions 200 x 120 x 1000 mm (Fig. 1), is actually one half of the longitudinally cut COMCON S01 road kerbstone (Fig. 2) as a result of which, when placed on its shorter 120 mm side its face show a 3.75% negative deviation from the vertical. In their time (more than 15 years ago) these kerbstones played an important role. At present they are used less frequently, particularly for footbridges (where the negative inclination of the vertical face does not matter) or for the bridges with exceptional traffic of light-duty vehicles or for the bordering of the outer edge of the bridge deck, where this negative deviation from the vertical is advantageous. The kerbstones have a smooth, but not slippery surface, their usual colour is dark grey, but they can be delivered also in other colours, such as white, yellow or black upon request. The colour is due to inorganic pigments mixed with the mass, which makes it permanent and dispenses with any maintenance or periodic repainting throughout its service life.

The COMCON M01 bridge kerbstone weighs 33 kg and can be easily installed manually without any mechanisms. It is put into place on the bridge superstructure before the placing of reinforcement and before concreting of the elevated part of the bridge deck, so that its horizontal flange is anchored under the concrete. The upper face of the vertical kerbstone side is flush with the surface of the elevated part of the bridge deck. If the kerbstone borders the outermost edge of the bridge deck, the perfect bond can be assured by the adhesive-fastened steel anchors protected against corrosion with pulverized epoxy resin.

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