Comcon SK, SKP and SKT

COMCON SK, SKP and SKT are paving stones (setts) for the pavement of roads, parking areas, pedestrian crossings, etc., manufactured in two principal sizes, 100 x 100 mm and 150 x 200 mm, of different thickness, with different surface treatment and in diferent colours. With the sum of their characteristics they exceed the properties of natural rocks, such as granite, diorite, basalt, used for the same purpose in the past.comcon_sk


  • high compressive strength

  • high tensile strength and tensile strength in flexure

  • high impact strength

  • high abrasion resistance

  • permanent resistance to freezing and thawing

  • permanent resistance to de-icing salts and other de-icing agents

  • permanent resistance to acid rains

  • permanent resistance to petroleum products

  • any fast colour

  • absolute impermeability and negligible absorptivity

  • easy installation (like conventional pavements)

  • long service life comparable with the highest quality eruptive rocks

  • extreme resistance to climatic factors incl. UV radiaton

  • unique capability of liquidation of atmospheric nitrogen oxides


  • pavements of heavy duty carriageways

  • pavement of exterior parking areas

  • permanent marking of pedestrian carriageway crossings

  • permanent marking of parking places, roads, warning stripes

  • pavements of vehicle entrances to buildings , garages, courtyards.

COMCON SK paving stones provide irreplaceable possibilities for all types of road pavements and other areas exposed to heavy motor vehicle traffic. They are manufactured with cleft surface (like e.g. the granite paving stones) or – to improve the surface quality (particularly of large size cleft stones) – with the upper face treated by hammering (type SPK stones) and – to achieve a relatively smooth surface – with the upper face treated by shot-blasting (type SKT stones). Their principal dimensionss are 100 x 100 x 100 mm or 150 x 200 x 100 mm. The thickness, depending on the load, can be reduced (with corresponding price reduction) to 80, 70 or 60 mm in case of 100 x 100 mm stones and to 80 or 70 mm in case of 150 x 200 mm stones.

The COMCON SK paving stones resist to any environment they may be exposed to and their high strength and abrasion resistance as well as colour fastness assure their extraordinarily long service life, comparable only with the eruptive rocks of the highest quality. Like in all pavements of this type their successful application depends on the preparation and quality of the base which may consist of compacted gravel or a concrete or bituminous base course. The paving stones proper are put into place by conventional methods in a sand bed or fine-grade crushed gravel with a small admixture of lime or cement. Due to the high accuracy of stone dimensions their joint width can be minimized which contributes significantly to the permanent pavement stability.

The possibility of colour selection provides, apart from the harmonization of pavement colour with its environs according to architectural design, also the formation of durable stripes, road marking, parking place marking, etc.,which do not require any renovation. The COMCON SK paving stones can be used, naturally, also for road marking, such as dividing lines, pedestrian crossing, retarding stripes, etc. in granite pavements, customarily applied by paint spraying. Analogously the COMCON SK paving stones can be used also for other pavement types.

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