COMCON® VL, 400 x 400,thickness 26 mm

COMCON® VL, 255 x 400, thickness 26 mm

COMCON® VL, 145 x 400, thickness 26 mm

Characterization and use:

COMCON® VL is polymer concrete moulded slabs intended for permanent formation of guiding stripes for the orientation of the blind in open areas without boundaries.


high compressive strengthvl26

high tensile strength and tensile strength in flexure

high impact strength

high abrasion resistance

permanent resistance to freezing and thawing

permanent resistance to de-icing salts and other de-icing agents

permanent resistance to acid rains

permanent resistance to petroleum products

any fast colour

absolute impermeability and negligible absorptivity

easy installation

long service life

extreme resistance to climatic factors incl. UV radiation


The traficked upper face of COMCON VL slabs is provided with grooves of trapezoidal cross section in accordance with the requirements of the United Association of Blind Citizens. The grooves are so arranged in a single direction that the trapezoidal projections are spaced 25 mm at centres. They are 15 mm wide and their lower base is 10 mm wide. One slab 400 mm wide has 16 grooves. The slab surface (both projections and depressions) is smooth, but not slippery. The customary colour is dark grey, but the manufacture of slabs of other colour (white, black, brown etc.) is no problem. The colour is achieved by inorganic pigments mixed with the mass, as a result of which it is permanent and dispenses with any maintenance or periodic repainting throughout its whole service life.

The COMCON VL slabs are placed in a lean cement mortar bed spread on top of a well compacted base course. The slabs are intended for pedestrian traffic. If well placed on a stiff base course along their whole area, they will not be damaged by light-weight delivery vans or passenger cars.

Technical Characteristics

Compressive strength > 80.0 Mpa

Tensile strength in flexure > 18.0 Mpa

Tensile strength > 12.0 Mpa

Modulus of elasticity 15 000 Mpa

Density 2 200 – 2 240 kg/cu.m

Abrasion resistance according to Böhm below 0.15 ccm/

Frost resistance coefficient T 150 0.99 – 1.00

Resistance to de-icing salts unlimited

Resistance to climatic factors unlimited

Coefficient of thermal expansion 6.16 . 10-5 / °C

Absorptive below 0.05%

Friction coefficient (pendulum test) 0.20 – 0.22

Packaging and Delivery Conditions

Delivered on euro-pallets comprizing 72 pcs (12 sq.m) each, strapped and packaged in foil, f.o.b. Pavlov nr. Herálec works.


By a written order specifying the required quantity (in integer square metres), colour and delivery date, possibly transport to destination. The delivery can be made usually within a fortnight from the receipt of the order.


There are no special storage conditions, both interior and exterior storage is possible.

Certification. Quality

The manufacture proceeds in the conditions defined by ISO 9002 standard. Every delivery is provided with a delivery certificate, a guarantee certificate and a declaration of conformity.

Guarantee and Service Life

The guarantee for the COMCON LV slabs is 20 years. If correctly placed, their assumed service life is 40 to 60 years.

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